Friendly group of runners enjoying the trails around Hockley and local area.

Meeting times:-

Wednesdays: 7:15pm for 7:30pm start. We normally operate 3 groups of different distances and paces

Pace (approx) Distance
Front 8:30m/m-9:30m/m 6-7 miles
Middle 10:00m/m - 11:00m/m 4-5 miles
Back 11:00m/m - 13m/m 3-4 miles

** m/m = minutes per mile

Sundays: 8:45am for 9am start. Sundays are our long run and usually incorporate distance from 4-5 miles and up depending on the leader and training. These include a 4-5 mile first loop before continuing for the extra distance.

Please check the events calendar for full details of the upcoming runs and locations.


Group runs are FREE so no fees, payments etc. All we ask is that you fill out the RunTogether form so that you are insured. (in documents).

We offer club kit and organise many social events. If you want to support the club you can join in with those or join the club officially. We also welcome donations.

Affiliation with UK Athletics

We are a UKA affiliated club.

We do offer UK Athletics affiliation for those that want it. Cost for April 2017-March 2018 is £24 and will rise to £25 for the following year (inline with UKA). Those that register after 1st October 2017 will receive a £5 discount on the following years affiliation.

We offer 2nd claim affiliation of £10 for those already affiliated with another club but still wish to contribute to HTR.


We offer courses to help with all levels of running. Some example are below (subject to change)

  • January-April- Spring marathon (Brighton/London) – 16 weeks
  • May – July - Couch to 5k beginners Course – 10 weeks
  • August-October – Stort 30 Ultra - 12 weeks
  • Sept-November – Stebbing 10 – 8 weeks
  • Jan-March – 10k->Brentwood half – 10 weeks
  • August-October – 5k-10k - Southend 10k – 8 weeks
  • Various – Imrpove your 5k time – 6 weeks
  • Various – Improve your running – 2 weeks
  • Various – strength training for runners – 2 weeks

These include coaching, organised runs, training plans and support. We charge for these at an equivalent rate of £2 per week (paid upfront for the duration of the course)

Affiliated members get courses included in their membership. We also offer bursary on an individual basis for those that genuinely cannot afford the fees.


Children are allowed to run and are insured from 12 years old. The registration/waiver form would need to be signed by the parent. I would also ask that the child runs with their parent.

Dogs Dogs or incidents caused by dogs are not covered under the insurance, so would not be allowed to run with us. However Amanda Stevens has an excellent canicross group designed for those wanting to run with their dogs. https://www.facebook.com/groups/338459289612397/?ref=bookmarks